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IMSS stocks a variety of materials ready to supply our customers with any material needs. If IMSS does not have what you are looking for in our stock, we can source it out to our supply network for best quality and pricing.

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Call our sales manager, Todd Pruett, for all of your MRO needs!
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some popular items that IMSS carries

  • Standard sizes of EMT, IMC, and RMC
  • Factory 90° & 45° fittings for EMT & RMC
  • Compression couplings & Connectors
  • Threaded couplings
  • Insulated bushings
  • Unistrut & Mini-strut in 10’ sticks
  • Standard sizes of straps and supports
  • 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” All thread
  • SC Type Junction Boxes
  • Conduit bodies such as LB’s and Tees.
  • Various sizes of Victaulic fittings and couplings.
  • Various fittings such as: Unions, elbows, tee’s, hex bushings, nipples, and flanges in stainless and carbon steel.
  • Brass ball valves ranging in size from ½” all the way to 3”.